Welcome to the Playground

THE RESTLESS QUILL was conceived as an overly ambitious website dedicated to fulfilling the unmet needs of millions of restless readers the world over. This, of course, is a fool’s errand, because your host—as owner, operator, designer, and thus far sole contributor—is woefully understaffed. In fact, TRQ is exactly what I intended—a hobby, a laboratory, an opportunity of my own making wherein any of my several alter egos, those endlessly quarreling voices in my head, might experiment with all manner of things associated with owning, operating, and contributing to a personal website. Herein one will find lazy, playful prose that just might amuse on occasion, but is not meant to be taken too seriously, because the author doesn’t take himself too seriously in these pages.

The truth is, I had no idea what I intended to do with The Restless Quill when mulling over the concept so many years ago. The description above, however, is fairly accurate insofar as it reveals what the site has become—a playground and an outlet. Another website—an eponymous no-nonsense site—is currently under (ponderously slow) construction. It will serve the purposes and interests of my “oh-so-serious, professional side.” Stay tuned. (Patience is advised.)

The Restless Quill endures as my blog, a repository of occasional whimsical prose, and a portal to my writer’s website. (To verify said site is under construction, simply click on “WEBSITE” on the menu bar above.) Life’s circumstances now permit me to devote more time to fiction—short and long—but here at The Restless Quill one can relax. So, welcome to the playground.

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