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YOUR HOST George A. Rossetti was born in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1958, and spent his first 18 years of life trying to figure it all out while living with his parents and three younger sisters “over the (Connecticut) river” in West Springfield. At the tender age of 19 he left Massachusetts for Manhattan, and had been based in New York, more or less, for some 30-odd years. In June 2014, he packed up his family and moved to North Carolina, where he is infinitely happier. He won’t be looking back.

During the course of his career, he has been an actor, soldier, pilot, photographer, musician, etc, etc. But for the better part of his adult life—over 30 years—he was a very busy medical writer/editor, working exclusively on material for the professional literature. Unfortunately, chronic, somewhat serious health problems forced him from the work force. Your host, therefore, is a grouchy, reluctantly retired writer with plenty of dour thoughts and grim opinions on just about everything (except sports) and way too much time on his hands. He is also acutely aware that the blogosphere is experiencing no shortage of grouchy, cranky, typists and has personally vowed to keep things on “the light side” whenever possible. That will not always be easy, of course—we do live in bizarre, desperate times. But the primary objective here at The Restless Quill is to have fun and see where, if anywhere at all, this project goes.

George lives in Johnston County, North Carolina with his wife Donna, and three perfect cats—Casper Amadeus, Scooter-Pie, and Toby. There’s so much more to his life story, of course, but ask yourself, honestly…do you really care? This mercifully brief summary will more than suffice. George harbors an aversion to “bios,” especially his own, and can’t imagine why anyone would give a rap in the first place. He’s also grown weary of referring to himself in the third person.

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