Another Year Well Done


The above title for this blog entry is taken from the punch line of the first birthday card I’ve received this year. The cover of this card depicts a cartoon image of a sizzling anthropomorphized T-bone steak. He stands on stick-figure legs and gazes upon the reader with simple facial features limited to two black dots that serve as eyes and a U-shaped mark centered slightly below that could be taken for either a mouth or nose. If seen as a nose, the character is largely expressionless and the effect is disturbing. If seen as a mouth, however, it at least suggests the steak is efforting a smile, which makes more sense. Smiles are generally indicative of a happy mood or moment, and birthdays are supposed to be happy events. The caption underneath our happy, sizzling T-bone steak begins “YOU’RE A PRIME EXAMPLE…” and concludes inside the card with “…OF ANOTHER YEAR WELL DONE!” I expected the inside to read something like “…OF WELL-AGED, USDA-PRIME BEEF CAKE!” Still…very clever, and much appreciated. But I don’t know that I would agree…entirely. A year well done? The first year of my 7th decade of life started out, well…shaky, to say the least, and by week 6 suddenly turned downright godawful, to the extent I should be grateful (I suppose) that I’m around to endure yet another birthday. After surviving, barely, the catastrophic events of 2018, I find myself mulling over that last notion. But I shan’t get into that in this post. Perhaps I’ll save it for a first-year anniversary piece in late May.

In a sense, it’s inaccurate, or unfair, to call the above-mentioned birthday card the first I received. That honor would go to LensCrafters followed by American Securities, the company that manages our retirement fund. So…I’m up to three cards delivered on the eve of my birthday. 

Well, 61 isn’t a big deal, after all. Last year, of course, was a very big deal, and I was showered with birthday greetings of all sorts. But given the widespread knowledge of my medical misfortunes soon after my 60th and subsequent further withdrawal into petulant reclusiveness, it’s entirely possible people aren’t certain whether I’m still around. Further, since The Restless Quill has remained largely silent for the past year, that could lead to understandable speculation about the condition of my condition. Accordingly, this would be a good opportunity to put any unpleasant rumors to rest. I’m alive and writing. What I’ve been writing, however, isn’t ready for publication nor intended to appear herein. More on that in future posts.

Speaking of The Restless Quill, I find myself facing technical difficulties and unavoidable change. Sandvox, the company that designed and markets the software I use to develop and maintain content for TRQ seems to have evaporated…or nearly so. The program hasn’t been updated in years, and customer support seems to have retired. I also find it troubling that they continue to sell a stagnant program that they no longer support. Unfortunate, but other options have emerged over the years, and I’m in the process of evaluating newer, far more versatile programs that offer superior capabilities and features. For now, I’ll continue to use the original program, but let’s face it, the ol’ Quill could use a facelift. My plan is to relaunch The Restless Quill with an updated look using whichever platform I decide works best for me. Time consuming, of course, and I’ve plenty on my plate as it is. But a facelift is overdue, I need to become proficient with the new program (whichever), and I’ll eventually be launching another site. The reality is, until I become a wealthy author (only a matter of time), I’m obliged to remain my own webmaster. Oh it was kind of fun in the beginning, but I wasn’t terribly busy otherwise at the time, and now that I am, it’s proved a distraction and a great thief of time.

So here you have it. My first actual blog entry. I wasn’t sure I wanted to start a blog at this site. I’m still not, and whether I deign maintain it on a regular basis remains to be seen. Then again, over the course of this YEAR WELL DONE, I’ve come to conclude a blog is inevitable. More than likely, when I get around to launching the other site, I’ll probably move the blog there. Providing, of course, I decide it to be time well spent. We shall see.

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